A simple, smart way
to put infection in its place

A better way to shield patients and staff from HAIs.

Both brilliantly simple and highly innovative, SuctionShield is a disposable, lightweight holster that quickly and easily attaches to virtually any horizontal surface to hold a Yankauer suction tip -– isolating suction implements and reducing cross contamination and pathogen transmission. The disposable, single-patient-use-product means no more oral suction tips placed under pillows, in bedding, on tray tables, or draped wherever they happen to land. When used suction tips, which are covered with secretions, touch any surface they create biofilms promoting cross-contamination. Every time a used suction tip is contained in a SuctionShield, droplet spread, cross-contamination & infection prevention is reduced helping improve patient care.

The SuctionShield is designed for use in surgery, ICUs, and emergency departments as well as PACU, Cath labs and GI labs, anywhere oral suction is used.

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Made in the USA in Colorado
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