Founded by practicing physicians

we are dedicated to protecting patients from potential pathogen transmission and making critical care environments safer.

We are a company committed to the health and safety of patients and practitioners in hospitals, surgery centers, rehab facilities, and skilled nursing facilities across the country. Patient Shield Concepts (PSC), LLC focuses on developing innovative and affordable products to improve patient outcomes. We know that effective surgical equipment and techniques can and should be employed on behalf of patients and we have made it our mission to create and improve quality products to help patients and practitioners.

With more than with two million HAIs occurring per year, at a cost of $40,000-$80,000 per infection, we knew there had to be a smart, simple, affordable way to reduce these outbreaks and rethink safety in the critical care environment.

Our premiere product, the SuctionShield, is incredibly simple to use, and helps health care facilities of all sizes discover how easy it is to help reduce cross-contamination and protect patients and practitioners.

We started with real-world experience in critical care settings.

We saw an urgent need for a company dedicated to making this environment safer.

Patient Shield Concepts (PSC), LLC was founded by Lynn White, M.D. Currently CEO and President of PSC, Dr. White is a practicing anesthesiologist and former pediatric emergency medicine physician. Stanley Rosen, M.D., Vice President and co-founder of PSC, has over thirty years of experience in internal medicine with a focus on preventative medicine and critical care administration.

As physicians who have practiced medicine in critical care settings for many years, our co-founders witnessed countless lapses in patient safety due to inadequate protection from potential disease transmission. Specifically, they saw that there was no protocol or product available to hold a patient’s suction tip and keep it contained to reduce cross-contamination.

Drs. White and Rosen became concerned that in an era of ever-increasing drug-resistance and increasingly virulent organisms, it was vital to be vigilant and improve patient care. This is especially true in critical care settings where patients are most vulnerable and in surgical areas where patients are subject to the transmission of pathogen by contaminated objects or surfaces.

Drs. White and Rosen have worked tirelessly to perfect our SuctionShield product, explain its use and success to others in the healthcare industry, and spread the word about how easy it is to greatly reduce the numbers of HAIs.