WHO calls for an end to antibiotic use in healthy animals

Chris Dall, New Reporter Citing the benefits to public health, the World Health Organization (WHO) today called for an overall reduction in the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals, recommending that farmers stop using antibiotics for growth promotion and disease prevention in healthy animals. The formal guidelines issued by the WHO further recommended that when […]

August: National Immunization Awareness Month

Immunization, or vaccination, helps prevent dangerous and sometimes deadly diseases. Immunization isn’t just for kids — to stay protected against serious illnesses like the flu, measles, and pneumonia, adults need to get vaccinated too. National Immunization Awareness Month is a great time to promote vaccines and remind family, friends, and coworkers to stay up to […]

Hot Topics in Biodefense – What You Need to Know

By Saskia Popescu, Student, PhD in Biodefense Biodefense is a fascinating field that marries public health, political science, policy, and science. While we used to think of biodefense as a response to bioterrorism, recent years have expanded its role to account for all infectious disease threats, regardless of origin. The infectious disease threats facing the […]

It’s time to get poked – August 9, 2017

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). Immunizations represent one of the greatest public health accomplishments of the 20th century. The purpose of NIAM is to celebrate the benefits of vaccination and highlight the importance of vaccination for people of all ages. The 2017-2018 Flu Shot is available.  Find it near you https://vaccinefinder.org/ Make sure […]

What we can learn about global flu evolution from individual infections

A new study has found that flu evolution within some individuals can hint at the virus’s eventual evolutionary course worldwide. Samples taken more than 10 years ago from people with unusually long flu infections — and analyzed recently using modern genome sequencing methods — revealed certain viral changes that matched global flu evolution trends several […]

New Survey Finds Lax Practices in Healthcare Settings

New Survey Finds Lax Practices in Healthcare Settings Professionals and consumers report oral suction device safety protocol concerns December 08, 2015 (Denver, CO)– A survey released today reports unsettling safety practices and unrealized consumer and healthcare professional concerns about infection prevention in healthcare settings. The survey, commissioned by Patient Shield Concepts (PSC), a company that […]


MEDSTRAP HOLSTER REBRANDS AS SUCTIONSHIELD Revamped website part of rebranding initiative November 18, 2015 (Denver, CO)– Patient Shield Concepts, a company that develops innovative and affordable products to improve patient care, is pleased to announce SuctionShield, formerly known as Medstrap Holster. SuctionShield is the product’s new name and with the new name comes a revitalize […]

The War Against Bugs: Where Are We Now?

Microbial resistance presents a significant challenge to clinicians in all settings. Bacteria mutate spontaneously, and because of their rapid replication rates (½ hour for S. Aureus division), there can be hundreds of mutations in one day in one bacterial population.  Generally, it takes more than one mutation in a bacterium to induce drug resistance. In […]

To Your Good Health Prepare for the 2015-2016 Flu Season

Why vaccinate? Every year, there are influenza epidemics world-wide, generally unpredictable in scope and severity. The best prevention known is vaccination, although the overall effectiveness of vaccines for the 2014-2015 season was only 19%. Other strategies , such as isolation of infected persons, hand-washing and other means of prevention of cross-contamination are also vital, especially […]